Real money slots app

For the casino enthusiast it is sometimes a bit of a search.

There are so many different casino apps, but which one is worth your precious time to try?

I will place a personal top 3 in random order, so you can see at a glance which app suits you!

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More than 6 million players play at atomatenspiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung book of ra every month. It is also in the top of casino games that can be played on Facebook. The game is completely free and the nice thing about this casino is that all slot machines that one has available can be played immediately. So you do not have to unlock anything to get to a next slot machine.

The uniqueness of this casino is that they work with tournaments. Very useful if you have few coins because you always have a chance to make a big hit. The minimum number of coins you can buy in a tournament is 50,000 and from there you can make it as expensive as you want. To give an indication: If you join a tournament with 100,000 coins, the prize pool is 45 million coins. Below is the layout if you play the game on a mobile phone or tablet. It is super clear and it gives you a few options.

If you click on “Slots” then there are currently 70 cabinets available that you can play on. And the number of slot machines is still increasing weekly! So there is really something for everyone. Because there are so many cabinets available it is impossible to list them all, so here is a small overview.

You can verify that you are so through your coins with such a large selection. But that is not bad because every day you can turn the wheel of fortune for free new coins. Every day you open the app you will also receive 1000 bonus coins and if you log in for 25 consecutive days, this number of bonus coins will grow to 25,000 per day. You also get 1000 coins per “friend” who plays this game with the condition that you are logged into the app via Facebook.

As I said earlier, you can also play this casino on Facebook. The layout then suddenly looks a bit different.

You then get extra options such as poker and bingo!

If you choose to log in via Facebook, you can always use your coins on the computer version. You do not have to purchase this separately. It is not possible to be logged in simultaneously on both Facebook and on the app under 1 name.

A casino app that certainly belongs in a top 3 is Grand Casino. This is mainly due to the great graphics that this app has to offer! You can clearly see that a lot of money has been put into this app. Also with this app you have the possibility to log in via Facebook or as a guest.

If you start the app you will also receive a daily bonus here. In addition, you also get 1000 coins every 30 minutes, which you have to activate yourself each time. Sleeping rich is unfortunately not in.

This is the layout of the game. In the picture everything is very static but in the app the dolls are walking around, you hear the ringing of slot machines, you see fireworks shooting in the background and all the lights that you can imagine. Really very beautiful! It certainly gives you the casino feeling!

The disadvantage of this app are the limited possibilities, while the slot machines are very nice and attractive. They are full of bonus games, and they even have “Deal or No Deal” here.

Another big disadvantage is that you have to ‘rank’ a lot if you want to unlock the next box. I’ve done this game for a while now and after a couple of months I’m only at level 22. As you can see, you can only unlock the Buffalo Slots on level 42 so I can only play on 4 different slot machines.
In total there are (currently) only 7 cabinets available, of which you get the 7th slot machine only at level 64. I assume that one will keep innovating and that there will be more opportunities for the different levels .

The same applies to the “Cards” option. Only one table is available. “Outlaw Video Poker.” The “Deuces Wild” can be unlocked from level 33. In total there are (currently) only 3 tables that you can unlock.

The Bingo is very nice! You can play with up to 3 cards and with ‘powerups’. This is advisable because you then have a greater chance of winning. To play with the powerups you have to bet extra coins.

The game can only be played as an app and is not available on Facebook.

All in all, for the enthusiast this is a very nice app and worth a try!